Thoughts on two years of Vibrant Moon
Chintan Ghuntla / July 18, 2020
As far as timelines go, two years is not a big time frame. Companies and people look back on what they have achieved usually on a bigger anniversary, like a 10 year or a 25 year one. On historical scale, the timelines stretch even further. What we are living through is likely a once in 100 year pandemic. Or maybe even once in 500 years one! However, from what we have experienced so far at Vibrant Moon, it seems it's been much more than two years!

Here are some highlights from the last two years-

12 - number of clients

If there's one number that we had to highlight for the past two years of Vibrant Moon, it would be 12 - the number of clients we have worked or continue working with. Now, this small number might come as a surprise to many, however this is our strength. For us, small is beautiful. And we believe in working with fewer companies to whom we can give our complete attention. And since most of our clients hire us on a retainer basis, we don't need a long list of clients to be successful.

Bigger agencies with several customers are forced to triage. The common theme between all clients that decided to work with us after working with a bigger agency has been that earlier they were not being given enough attention, which was always reserved for big star clients.

We are a boutique digital first agency by design, and that means we work with only a few companies at a time. This allows us to provide appropriate attention and the best of services to all that we are working with at any point in time. This is something we are very proud of.

70% - clients who end up using more of our services than originally planned

This is the second most important number for us - most of our clients end up hiring us for more work than they initially planned. And the best part? It always happens because the clients themselves ask for it, not because of some pushy sales nonsense.

As our clients engage with us and see value in our solution and execution, they start feeling more confident with us. This is a slow organic process, where we end up being more than an agency. To some, we can be an extended marketing department, a consultant, and a trusted advisor all rolled into one!

And we are always very careful to maintain the trust and responsibility that we have earned so hard.

Most important thing that our clients are looking for - solution to a stated problem

This lies at the heart of what Vibrant Moon is - adopting a solution based approach to whatever we do. There is a running joke that for any problem in the world, a digital marketer will suggest running more Facebook and Google ads! :)

When any prospective client approaches us, our attempt is always to understand the underlying problem they are facing. Next step is to determine if the problem is even worth solving. What this means is that at times, something might be unrealistic or very expensive to solve while providing very little value in the larger scheme of things. Hence from a cost-benefit perspective, it might not make any sense to solve for it at all!

It is this kind of a methodical approach, where we zoom in to the micro level while always keeping the larger picture in mind, which our clients really appreciate. This is our biggest differentiator and value proposition, which helps us stand apart. This is something that has evolved over the last two years and something that all of us at Vibrant Moon are very proud of.

Some closing thoughts

The world around us has changed due to the pandemic to something no one could have imagined. However, we've also realised in these last few months that our core values, and things that make us unique, are our all-weather strengths that have stood us in good deed. These benefits our clients and hence it benefits us.

It is the beauty of such positive-sum game that encourages us to continue doing what we've set out to do, day after day, year after year, and hopefully for several years to come.

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