Pinterest strategy
that makes your audience want to
engage with your brand & visit your website.
Pinterest is Social media + SEO. That is, it isn't just about beautiful images.

Position your brand to enhance social presence, get discovered with search queries and drive real ROI with us.
Our approach to Pinterest
With the right Pinterest strategy, content and creatives, you can become a breath of fresh air your audience won't overlook.

Here's how we approach Pinterest.
Results Focused Strategy

We develop a strategic plan after analysing your brand, your Pinterest presence, and gaining a deep understanding of your target audience.
Pinterest Algorithm

Pinterest SEO and creatives in line with the ever-evolving Pinterest algorithm. Be on top of best practices that put your Pinterest ambition on the map.
Creative Execution

Your content is written, designed, and strengthened by a highly experienced team, then gradually rolled out according to your content calendar. We track the metrics and monitor interactions so the entire process is hands-free.
Measurable Actions

Like any marketing activity, your Pinterest marketing will be defined around measurable actions, depending on your objective/s. Some of them can be followers, discovery, engagement, traffic to buy your product.
Here's how we helped some of our partner brands.
B2C Pinterest Case Study
107X increase
in unique monthly audience organically reached in 12 months

Users discovered the brand organically in one of the months

impressions gained by the brand organically in 12 months

6:32 minutes
time spent on website by audience originating from Pinterest

B2B Pinterest Case Study
15X increase
in unique monthly audience organically reached in 12 months

ROI generated organically with project wins in 12 months

impressions gained by the brand organically ini 12 months

How can Pinterest help your business?
87% of Pinterest users state that the platform influences their buying decisions.

As a brand, you can devise a funnel from discovery to engagement to consideration to sale.
Improve Discovery

A good Pinterest strategy will put you in front of a high-intent audience looking for a solution.
Audience Stickiness

Pinterest boasts of high audience stickiness. A viral saved Pin can bring traffic and audience like magnets.
High Recall

Users on Pinterest have a high recall for the brand. If the content is planned well, the Pinterest algorithm allows you to be in your audience's feed for as long as they are searching in your category.

Pinterest can get 3.8X* higher sales compared to other digital campaigns.

*Pinterest Insights
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